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The editor finished her work and I'm now working on a reverse edit of the printed manuscript. That means I start at the end of the book and work my way towards the beginning, one sentence or paragraph at a time. Still on target for early 2022 release.

Jan 14, 2021 - I visited La Tulia and Primavera again and got some more pics, check out the photo album for new pics. I also visited Naranjal, check out the photo album for the pueblo Naranjal. Naranjal is a very small pueblo in the mountains.
My plan was to visit Trujillo (a different small pueblo), but I wasn't paying attention to the road and I missed the turn-off, and ended up in Naranjal. Oh well, it was fine because I've been wanting to visit Naranjal also.

Update about my book


Me in the town of Versalles, Colombia

As I've mentioned in the blurb above, I'm working on editing my 5th draft of my novel Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone. I've posted a sinopsys on another page, linked above, which describes the book as including many of my own personal experiences in my life journey since Cheryl died in 2010.


December 26, 2021

Christmas Eve in Filandia, Colombia
Hi, This year I spent Christmas Eve day, Christmas, and the day after in the pueblo Filandia. Take a look at the pics in the photo album. It's a beautiful pueblo. And the climate is a bit on the cold side, at least for me.

I've added a new short story

Dec. 18, 2021

The Knight.jpg

I have added a new short story - The Knight to the My Writings page. Check it out!