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June 4, 2023

Check out the photos of Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay. I upload new photos almost every day. In Ecuador I visited 32 towns/cities; in Peru I visited 26 cities/towns; in northern Chile I visited only 5 towns; and in Argentina I visited 15 towns. I am now in Encarnación, Paraguay. I'll be staying here for a month or so.

My Journey so far, Part 3



My South America Journey Update - Part 3.

First, a recap: Part 1 covered leaving Colombia, about 2 1/2 months passing through Ecuador, where I found two towns that I like as potential new homes, and about two months passing through Peru, where I found three towns in particular that I like.

Concordia, Argentina



San Antonio de Padua de la Concordia (Concordia), Argentina, has a population of about 155,000. Concordia sits on the eastern border of Argentina and across from Salto, Uruguay.

Salto, Uruguay



Salto, Uruguay, has a population of about 130,000. Salto sits on the western border of Uruguay and across from Concordia, Argentina.

Melo, Uruguay



Melo, Uruguay, has a population: 56,000. Melo sits in the east of the country and about in the middle of the country.

Tacuarembó, Uruguay



Tacuarembó, Uruguay, has a population: 55,000. Tacuarembó sits in the northern half of the country and a little to the right of center, meaning a bit east of the center.