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Click here to read the latest news about my book. On target for mid-2022 release.

Dec 30, 2021 - I visited Tuluá again and got some more pics, check out the photo album for 17 new pics of Tuluá, Colombia.

Dec 26, 2021 - I visited Filandia, a beautiful pueblo about 100 kilometers north of Roldanillo. Check out the photo album for pics.

Read my new short story - Liam and the Book


I've written a new short story - Liam and the Book. You can find it in the My Writings page of this site.

Social Media

March 24, 2022

Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (the ones I have profiles on). I send out friend/connection/follower requests and hope to see something like 10% follow-back. That is usually about what one can expect.

My toughest bike ride, yet.


A small section of the bad road outside of La Union, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

The route: Roladnillo (my home), to Toro (1-hour bike ride north), then return and pass through La Union. In La Union, there is a dirt road that leads up into the mountains (the Andes west range). That route is tough! Going from La Union up into the mountains, the road leads into an area called "La Despensa". It is a very, very long uphill slog, and my bike gears just can't be pedaled up that incline. In fact, it is 8.61 kilometers of steady incline. The average gradient is 9.4%, with the max incline apparently 25.6%. I think I walked more than I rode. Then, the road basically ends at a fence.

Read my new short story - House of Four Doors



I have added a new short story - House of Four Doors to the My Writings page. Check it out!

Update about my book


Me in the town of Versalles, Colombia

As I've mentioned in the blurb above, I'm working on editing my 5th draft of my novel Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone. I've posted a sinopsys on another page, linked above, which describes the book as including many of my own personal experiences in my life journey since Cheryl died in 2010.