Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

I have finished draft 6b of my first novel. The book has now been edited by a professional editor 2 times and I have completed all the corrections she suggested. I've done a bit more of my own self-editing, mostly looking for punctuation/spelling issues. I have hired a professional proofread editor to do the final proofread edit in June.

This afternoon, at 5pm on April 11, I sent the book to the proofreader. Wow! You can't believe the feeling I have at this point! I started this book in December 2018. The first draft was written in first person present tense, but it was shit. So I rewrote it in first person past tense, and that was no better. So I rewrote it again in third person omniscient, and that is how it has stayed. To write a story, a book, and rewrite it several times, then do some major changes suggested by a professional editor, then do some minor changes suggested by that same editor a second time, and now see it going to a proofreader - Wow! Incredible!

The notes from the second edit included these -
"I enjoyed this revision of your novel quite a lot! You've made a lot of improvements."
"Great work! Also, this book is easy to read and enjoyable. It doesn't feel overly serious but is a sort of "chick lit with a male protagonist" sort of book."

This is the synopsis:

Jonathan had lost his wife to a massive stroke a few years before the story starts. He had been unemployed, except for some contract jobs, for several years, but 2 years after his wife's death he found a decent job. But, he was still not happy in his life, and who can blame him? He had been married for 28 years and life was very different now.

While on vacation in Colombia, during his last couple days before returning home, he saw a woman he really liked but was afraid to say anything because he assumed he didn't know her language, and it turned out she didn't say anything for the same reason. But were they correct in these assumptions?

His journey took him from Tucson, Arizona to Cartagena, Bogotá, Salento, and many other pueblos in Colombia. He met several other women who wanted to be a part of his life, but which one could fill that hole in his heart? The woman in Cartagena? The woman in Cartago? Or one of the women in Tucson? Read about Jonathan's journey to find a new life and a woman who can fill the hole in his heart.

I will post updates as I make progress towards publication.